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Last updated 9-4-2020




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- How long does the dry kit last for? 
Dried/sealed herbs and spices keep very well in dry storage, even years. Just make sure your kit is kept in a cool, dry space and is well sealed. If opened please refrigerate. 

- How long does the syrup last once its made?
Once you have finished making your elderberry syrup, it must be refrigerated. It can normally last 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator. 

- How elderberry syrup much will the kit make?
All stovetops and cooking methods vary, be sure not to over boil or it could result in less syrup. The kit normally makes 16oz. of finished syrup. 

- How much elderberry syrup do I take?
All dosage is suggested and should be discussed with a healthcare practitioner before use. For daily maintenance, 1/2-1 Tbs. daily for adults. 1/2-1 tsp. daily for children 1 year and older. During illness, take dose every 3 hours until symptoms dissipate. DO NOT TAKE FOR MORE THAN A 3 MONTH PERIOD (it's an immune booster & you can't boost your immune system if it's continuously consumed)

- Is elderberry syrup safe for small children?
Original elderberry syrup is safe for children over 1 year of age, due to the honey content. Research open gut & botulism scare. Min 6 months for babies to ingest. 

- Is elderberry syrup safe to take when pregnant or breastfeeding?
Presumably, yes. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before use.




In 2010 my oldest son started having severe GI issues & my daughter (who has MTHFR that we didn't know at the time) stopped breathing at 1 day old when given the hep b against my consent & had encephalitis a SEVERE vaccine allergic reaction, regressed, head banged & was on the spectrum at 12 months from the dtap & mmr.  After several mis-diagnosis, saying “it was normal” (it’s sooo not normal, no matter who tries to justify it) & many prescriptions later, this lead me on my journey of finding an alternative means of caring for my family's health. This was the point I decided to research what I was putting in our bodies, medicine, food & otherwise. My transformation brought me into switching over to healthier, local & organic food sources as well as getting rid of toxic cleaning supplies & toxic product in our home. I was able to heal my daughter & she is now thriving & functioning.

Another game changer for me was that most of my life I had chronic sinus infections, like clockwork every 3 months. In early 2011, not far after my babies reactions I had recently dealt with, I came down with a severe sinus infection. It was so severe, I went through several rounds of antibiotics & steroid shots. Not only did allopathic/western medicine fail to heal me, I was still ill & miserable after 4 weeks. It destroyed my immune system & as a result I also became antibiotic resistant (later learned the connection between root canals & infections/cancer). After weeks praying for healing, our creator answered my prayers. Within days of praying after giving up on modern medicine, that there had to be another way to get better then pills & prescriptions, I was introduced to essential oils & holistic treatments. I was able to recover by using them in 3 days!! Since making that leap I have never looked back & are all the more healthy for it! YOU are your & your child's ONLY advocate & it is your JOB to make sure what goes in their bodies is healthy, safe & good for them.

Our creators medicine is amazing, we are able to tackle illness using homemade electrolyte drinks, probiotics, herbs, tinctures, homeopathics, EOs, ACV, CS, Elderberry, Ozone treatments, biofeedback & whole food minerals. Our bodies are thanking us & are able to fight sickness easier. As a result we rarely EVER get sick when others around us are severely or chronically ill.

I love meeting & encouraging/passing on the abundance of information, advice & ideas I have come across/learned on our parenting journey. If can help/educate ONE person on how their immune system works, that is my passion.